For example, the Type A personality entrepreneur wants answers

Khashoggi was a foreign correspondent for the Saudis in the 1990s, a useful cover as his work for Saudi Intelligence, then he ran a government run paper in Saudi Arabia wholesale jerseys, but began to fall into disfavor when he began criticizing the government after their break with the Muslim Brotherhood. After fleeing to the US he wrote a few opinion columns for The Washington Post. A few columns complaining about the former Saudi leadership he worked for, a few in support of Hamas, several hoping for the destruction of Israel, and lots of condemnation of Trump was the extent of his “journalism.” He wrote propaganda for the Saudis and his opinions in the US..

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Errors and OmissionsThese policies are designed to cover you if the liability claims result from an action or inaction on your part while delivering professional services or while dealing with employees. General liability doesn’t cover these matters, and therefore it’s important to buy a separate policy as required by licensing boards or by the industry you’re in. Determining the amounts of specialized liability insurance you need is easier than trying to figure out what you need for general liability insurance.

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