> > I am scratching my head over here

These observations in wild fish suggest that there is an important opportunity to also detect thyroid disruption in fish partial and full life cycle tests. In conclusion, potential effects on the thyroid hormone system should in principle be detected by rodent mammalian Tier 1 screening. The decision to evaluate chemical effects in the frog metamorphosis assay would likely be best based on a positive result from the mammalian thyroid screen, and only if exposure characterization predicts significant potential exposure of amphibian habitats.

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It a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. You excited. You nervous. I don’t mean that all admissions consulting is just for profit, but there’s a reason why those people who drop 50k likely have vastly higher acceptance rates (still don’t exactly know bc of transparency but that’s not necessarily on the colleges). Even so, a few hundred dollars isn’t really accessible or reasonable for most people, but that’s not really your fault (i guess). If you have enough money you can get into any college (at least greatly increase chances), and I don’t see how it could possibly be just to defend that.

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