If they want access to the full benefits of the commune

Civ. The Commission’s complaint alleges that the fraud has taken place since June 2000 and involves the unregistered offer and sale of securities of Tecumseh and Tecumseh’s subsidiary, Defendant Tecumseh Tradevest LLC (“Tradevest”). Tecumseh and Tradevest have conducted the fraud largely through the efforts of Defendant John Milling, a securities lawyer and Tecumseh’s senior official.

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wholesale jerseys from china It would be awesome to ensure that it actually happens in the scope of the game timeline. I like the idea of any colonial nation in Eastern America (so regardless of colonizer overlord) being the target of the event, getting a culture shift to American in all provinces, gaining the “High American” tech group (or just Western) and being put into a war with their overlord, maybe with some insurance towards actually winning, like a militia mechanic where they can summon troops (maybe a “commander in chief” mechanic?) or solely being at war with the overlord, so no allies are called. Kind of like the Maine event, where the overlord would declare war on the colonial nation wholesale jerseys from china.

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