If you persist with said comments you will receive a 3 day ban

I really can’t see why you would consider this click bait. I ask a very relevant question for discussion in this forum, and I do not tell people to click on the link. I link to the video if people are interested in listening to my own thoughts, but people can still answer the question or discuss without watching the video..

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The budget starts with your income, so you know exactly what you have to spend. Because most regular expenses occur monthly, such as credit cards, mortgages, utilities and such, tabulate your income as a monthly total. Furthermore, only consider your take home pay after taxes are removed.

Was a Police Sgt who pulled me over on a Friday night at about 1145pm in the bar district. He let me go with a warning because he could see I had the light, but honestly. I couldn help but think “Is this really the best use of taxpayer dollars?” 2 points submitted 27 days ago.

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In every scenario it works the same. The existing dominant players in an industry partner with politicians to “regulate” that industry. But by “regulating” the industry, the existing dominant players impose barriers to entry and to competition that solidify their market positions and restrict competition.

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