Perusing /r/DumpsterDiving really piqued my interest a few

Long story short there was a disagreement with a promoter and I ended up not doing the show for a couple reasons. It a very. Interesting story, but it not the point of my post. Perusing /r/DumpsterDiving really piqued my interest a few years back and I tried it for a while in Albuquerque. I didn put a ton of time into it, but if I was out pretty late and happened to drive past one of the stores that come up a lot on /r/DD (Trader Joe Einstein Office Max), I would pull in and take a look at their dumpster.I never once found a store dumpster that was actually open and accessible. The grocery store ones were all tightly locked down and even places like Starbucks had little fences around the dumpsters to keep people out.During my time of fascination with dumpsters, I was also peering into random dumpsters while out on walks, etc.

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