The five bikini baristas in Everett are accused of charging up

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Monokinis swimwear I went into work at the cafeteria with my head stuck at a 30 degree angle. It was, made me want to barf, painful if I did anything else. After watching me suffer for a few minutes they sent me home and I went to the hospital. If she fails, she could face prosecution in municipal court for violating the adult entertainment ordinance.The woman also agreed to testify against four other Grab n Go baristas charged last year with prostitution and violating city ordinances. They were accused of charging customers for touching certain body parts and for stripping down while fixing drinks.Similar plea deals are expected for all but one who has indicated she plans to go to trial.Photo Gallery: Bikini Barista ControversyWatch: Residents Steamed at Bikini BaristasCoffee shops in the Seattle area introduced “bikini baristas” three years ago, hiring attractive young women to serve up steamy espressos and lattes while wearing as little as a G string and pasties.But cities are now taking a closer look at the “sexpresso” stand craze. The five bikini baristas in Everett are accused of charging up to $80 to let customers fondle or photograph them as they put on erotic shows sometimes in view of passing traffic.In images so graphic that officials were reluctant to release them under public disclosure requests dildos, undercover officers photographed them spreading their legs while wearing crotchless panties or licking whipped cream off each other’s exposed pubic regions.”This is not Malibu Barbie standing at a coffee stand selling coffee,” said City of Everett spokeswoman Kate Reardon Monokinis swimwear.

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