You are willing to lend the money as long as the borrower pays

Let say that someone wants to borrow money from you for 5 years. You are willing to lend the money as long as the borrower pays at least as much interest as you would earn on a 5 year CD. For example purposes, lets say that the current interest rate for a 5 year CD is 5.0% per year.

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Many people make the mistake to set their goals too high. When they realize they cannot reach their goals in the near future or that it requires a huge amount of strength and willpower, they quit. Therefore, make your steps as small and easy as possible.

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Wood heaters and stoves have controls on them to control the draft, or flow of air through the firebox. Sometimes these are levers, sometimes they are twist knobs. They open and close ports in the top or sides of the firebox to let air flow in and up the chimney.

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