Cass Elliot also introduced Nash to David Crosby

3. Finish Line Inc. (NASDAQ:FINL): Operates as a mall based specialty retailer in the United States. When the Hollies first toured Los Angeles in 1966, Nash began a friendship with Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Pappas. Among other things, Cass Elliot introduced Nash to pot, which he really liked because he said it opened his mind. Cass Elliot also introduced Nash to David Crosby, who really liked Nash’s high harmony voice.

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Cheap Swimsuits By June, the academy, based on the board’s recommendations, shared its concerns about contamination with the International Congress of Scientific Unions (ICSU) swimwear sale, hoping to make the issue a global concern. What did the ICSU do? Form a committee on Contamination by Extraterrestrial Exploration (CETEX) to evaluate whether human exploration of the moon, Venus and Mars could lead to contamination. The CETEX folks reasoned that terrestrial microorganisms would have little hope of surviving on the moon, but that they might be able to eke out an existence on Mars or Venus. Cheap Swimsuits

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