If the models do need studio time

To begin, you will notice the clock is displayed, with your location and the current weather. Tapping this will take you to a full summary of the current weather as well as information on what will occur over the next few days. You should also notice that by sliding your finger down the right side of the display you can cycle through various international locations such as Paris, Seattle and London..

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18. It’s public knowledge that William Nylander’s 4:20 pm ET Saturday phone call shook things loose and got his deal done. As the deadline moves farther in the rear view mirror, information seeps out. If the models do need studio time, make sure your backgrounds are proper for their specific moods. If you don’t have a beach in your area, you can fake it with a backdrop or shoot everything in front of a green screen and add the backgrounds later. However and this is of the utmost importance if you use a green screen, make sure the lighting is perfectly set up to simulate sunlight on the model.

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