The same year Blue Note launches their legendary modern jazz

The Legendary 1500 Series1955 brings a new 12″ vinyl format and Blue Note responds with re issues of the modern jazz 5000 series from 10″ vinyl to the new 12″ vinyl format which were issued with a new album cover design as well. The same year Blue Note launches their legendary modern jazz 1500 series which consists of 99 records kicking off with Miles Davis vol. 1 BLP 1501 and ending in 1958 with Bennie Green, Soul Stirrin BLP 1599 a what you might call a bonus album Blue Note 1600 Introducing The 3 Sounds.

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bikini swimsuit Edit to the edit: if I make it back to Utah for a visit I’ll head to my Dad’s and find some other cool photos of his adventures; I know he has pictures of him with Robert. My Grandpa has been gone over 20 years now and I’m sure he would be proud to see the interest. He was a true man in the sense of the word. bikini swimsuit

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