There was a burn conference that October in Galveston, Texas

Rita Rose says Sandy had been taken to a specialist as a pre teen, who explained that she needed brain surgery, but as her family was uninsured, they simply didn return. Now doctors told her that the tumor, which was near her optic nerve, would eventually cause her to go blind. The surgery capped the then 20 year old height at the record 7 had to wear a wig for a year,” Rose recalls.

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The Tide won the national championship in 2009, 2011 and 2012, and with head coach Nick Saban at the helm, has become synonymous with college football greatness. After a disappointing semifinal loss last year, Alabama will be looking to retake the top spot. Clemson is angling for only its second national title in the program’s history, the first coming in 1981.

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