They went on to discuss other people who have been prosecuted

Some of you may want to shout ‘wow’ and others may scorn it, but for Noel Biderman this is real business. Cheating is bad and promoting cheating seems even worse, but with more than three million members and millions of dollars in revenue, it doesn’t seem all that bad. With its slogan ‘Life is short.

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He began as a substitute teacher at James J. Ferris High School in 1987. The next several years he taught social studies at Lincoln High School. They went on to discuss other people who have been prosecuted for insider trading. In another series of instant messages, Conradt bragged that he was everyone rich by sharing the nonpublic information. Weishaus later noted, is gonna be sweet.

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The Commission further alleges that Braas and Schlager were able to subvert virtually every aspect of EFI loan process and internal controls. They created fictitious loans for the purpose of making monthly payments on delinquent loans, altered loan documents to hide delinquent and fictitious loans, granted excessive deferrals and resets of delinquent loans to make them appear current, reassigned loan payments to unrelated accounts to fund payments on delinquent loans, and used aliases for borrowers to circumvent EFI maximum lending limitations. They also deceived Sterling internal and independent auditors through fraudulent accounting entries, false collateral descriptions and appraisals, fabricated UCC filings, and by recruiting vendors to assist in the circumvention of loan confirmation procedures..

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